What projects are on the 2018 eSPLOST/General Obligation Bond list?

Newton County Projects                                                                                   Estimated Costs

Replacement of Eastside High                                                                              $55,000,000
Relocation of Newton County Theme to Eastside High School Facility          $5,000,000
Maintenance and Improvements at Existing Facilities (eg. Roof repair
& replacement, HVAC upgrades, parking lot improvements, etc.)                  $12,250,000
Purchase of Technology                                                                                          $5,000,000
School Bus Replacement (45 Buses)                                                                      $5,500,000
Improvements to Sharp Stadium and Other Athletic Facilities (e.g.
artificial turf, parking lot, etc.)                                                                                 $3,500,000
Band Equipment                                                                                                        $500,000
Furniture Replacement                                                                                             $1,063,053
Debt Service                                                                                                               $35,291,240

Total                                                                                                                            $123,104,293

The ballot on May 22nd will have two parts to the General Obligation Bond. The first portion of the referendum relates to $60 million to renew eSPLOST and then the second portion relates to $60 million for a bond that will mature in installments between 2023 and 2035 on April 1st of each year. A state capital outlay will pay for the remaining $2.7 million needed to complete the project list. Read more about why you should Support eSPLOST.