Q: Is this a vote for a tax increase? Is this going to increase the sales tax?

A: NO! A yes vote for SPLOST simply continues the one cent sales tax already in place. It does not increase taxes and assists the county in keeping our property taxes low and stable. This is NOT A TAX INCREASE!

Q: How will the $10.4 million in the 2017 SPLOST be used for county debt repayment?

A:  The debt will be paid from SPLOST revenues based on collections.  At the end of the SPLOST all debt included in the SPLOST will be paid off.  This will include the following debt:

  • Georgia Perimeter College $727,083
  • Four County JDA $975,000
  • COPS – Jail PODS $1,065,000
  • COPS – Admin Building $5,238,275
  • Solid Waste Fund GEFA $3,251,458

This debt totals $11,258,816.  The total approved is $10,403,963, which is about $854,853 less than needed.  Excess collections are anticipated to cover this difference.

The only debt​s​ not payable with SPLOST funds are:​

  • The ABM ​Energy Performance Contract that is paid for by the energy savings produced by the project;​
  • The fire truck master lease​;​
  • and the Water Revenue Bonds.

The benefit to SPLOST paying for the debt instead of the General Fund is that it provides the General Fund with the following opportunities:

  • Stabilize and increase Fund Balance
  • Establish cash reserves and eliminate the need for short term financing (TAN)
  • Fully Staff Departments and meet operating needs
  • Potential for property tax reductions