February 2017

Open Letter to all Newton County Voters:

As members of the 2017 Newton County Citizens SPLOST Committee, we strongly support the passage of our 2017 SPLOST referendum. The many projects supported by this SPLOST vote provides SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE! We strongly encourage all Newton County voters to VOTE “YES” on our MARCH 21st SPLOST REFERENDUM!

Projects funded by our upcoming Newton County SPLOST include: county debt reduction, transportation improvements, enhanced Emergency 911 communications systems, Fire Department and public safety support, improved recreational and service support to our Seniors and Youth, improvements to and creation of parks and trails, protections for our environment, support for our libraries and much needed upgrades to our companion animal humane shelter. This SPLOST truly has SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE! Whether your family elders are in need of senior programs, your kids want to play soccer, baseball, football or other sports, you desire additional recreational opportunities, you are a fiscal conservative demanding less county government debt, you support better humane treatment of companion animals or simply agree that it is time for Newton County to make transportation improvements to relieve traffic congestion…. this SPLOST is for YOU!

Join us and the thousands of other Newton County citizens who want the closest thing to a “fair tax”, which taxes consumption, not productivity or possessions, to support enhanced Newton County services. Join us and others by VOTING “YES” on MARCH 21st.


Sincerely and gratefully, members of the 2017 Citizens SPLOST Committee:

2017 Newton County SPLOST Committee
Baxter Bouchillon, Chairman
Glenn Dowling, Vice Chairman

George Clackum
Leigh Anne Barrett Marcello Barnes
Donna Edwards
Betsy Morehouse
Veda Miller
Danny Stone
Bob Stafford

Kevin Norman
Jim Tudor
Addison Cook
Hillary Edgar
James Johnson
Reginald Reed
Ralph Staffins
LeAnne Long

Archie Shepherd
Randy Vinson
June McDowell
Willie James Smith